Kinetech offers a vertically integrated growth stack of products, managed services & enterprise support. Capable in a silo, seamless when used together.

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Executives recognize the onslaught of competition and are embracing the notion of digital transformation. However, there is no consensus on what that entails. While cloud migration, marketing automation, and big data have gathered momentum in recent years, many executives are grappling with “what does digital transformation mean for my business?”

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“A complex system that works, is invariably found to have evolved from a SIMPLE SYSTEM that WORKED. A complex system designed from scratch never works, and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over with a simple working system.”
— John Gall’s Law - 1975 | General systemantics : an essay on how systems work, and especially how they fail...


The Digital Transformation of businesses has begun.

Leverage The Kinetech Cloud & Mendix (aPaaS) Platform to transform ideas into applications. Designed for Business & IT collaboration, propel your business forward with innovation while we handle the technical details.

  • Generate Return on Investment (ROI) in 12 Months or Less
  • Trade High-IT CapEx for predictable OpEx through contract structure & new operating model
  • Develop YOUR dashboard - every business needs a scorecard
  • Innovate with web & mobile apps to capture new opportunities
  • Extend legacy systems, integrate / build a service layer for your enterprise
  • Streamline processes and automate repetitive workflow
  • Leverage Agile project management to drive results
  • Visual application development achieving 6x higher productivity
  • 1-Click Deployment for fast, yet controlled release management
  • Central application management for efficient operations
  • Mobile, Cloud, API 1st - Drive innovation for your business
  • Align interests through structured contracts & professional partnerships to drive results.

Image Courtesy of Mendix - The App Platform - 2017

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The lessons learned from the most innovative companies in the world are that you must continue to reinvent yourself around your core value offering. Digitizing services, products, & operations with Enterprise Infrastructure & Innovative Software is clearly becoming a differentiator for our clients.
— M. Guido | CEO Kinetech Cloud



  • Forum to Crowd Source ideas & share instituional knowledge
  • Visual Modeling eliminates confusion
  • Standardized Infrastructure accelerates innovation
  • Open, Cloud-native architecture for cost containment
  • Encrypted & Secure: Nightly, weekly, & monthly backups w/ distributed open-architecture & enterprise security (including dual factor authentication

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