Kinetech digitizes paper process for City - expected return on investment is over 100% in less than 12 months.

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City of San Antonio - Department of Human Services

Kinetech collaborated with the City of San Antonio and applied our Digital Execution Strategy within the Department of Human Services to digitize a paper-based application for utility (power & water) assistance. The program is available for San Antonio residents within 125% of the federal poverty line.

The application was developed in six (6) weeks and is expected to generate a 100% or more Return on Investment (ROI) for taxpayers in the first 12 months.  

Richard Keith - Assistant Director: Department of Human Services 

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The Digital Transformation of government has begun.

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  • Context - Slides 6 - 10
  • Digital Transformation: Slides 11 - 17
  • Future Development: Slides 18 - 22

The DHS Utility Credit is available for San Antonio's most vulnerable citizens, those living within 125% of the federal poverty line. The digital solution designed by Kinetech removes barriers to apply and improves the overall customer experience through accessibility (available 24/7 Vs. 8 am -5pm), automated notifications, and visibility into processing. 

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DHS & Kinetech Announce Agile Collaboration 

Kinetech takes customer service and customer experience (UX) into consideration, reducing friction in the application process via:

  • Accessibility: Available 24/7 any web-enabled device vs. M-F 9-5 (WVC Office Hours)
  • No longer need to photocopy documentation (submit digital picture).
  • Automated notifications & self-service portal vs. no way to update clients

Watch local coverage about Kinetech's selection into the CivTech program.

Enterprise Security

Securing your digital investments

Kinetech takes security very seriously. We leverage enterprise infrastructure leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can provide SOC-1 and SOC-2 documents (certifications from a third party auditor that ensures the physical location of your data / application is physically secure) upon request. Nightly backups are made and distributed to geographically disperse locations for redundancy. 

Application security includes: identity management, device-side authentication, user and role-based access and cloud security, including intrusion detection. Kinetech can provide tailored security, by user-role, down to attribute, allowing clients unparalleled flexibility.

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AGILE Delivery

Collaborate w/ Stories.  Manage development w/ Team Server.  Iterate w/ Feedback

Collaborate with us while we develop & deploy from the Cloud Portal:

  • Set up your project and team
  • Capture, refine and prioritize user stories
  • Prioritize development, plan sprints, & monitor progress
  • Utilize social collaboration tools for better business communication
  • Continually iterate applications through direct user feedback loops


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As-a-Service: Kinetech Engineers + Enterprise Infrastructure (AWS)

Kinetech covers cloud technology so that you can focus on prioritizing needs.

  • Deployed on AWS, Azure, & Public / Private Clouds
  • Cloud native architecture for web scale applications
  • AWS - Simple Secure Storage (S3) for enterprise file storage
  • Automatic deployment on standardized containers
  • High level of platform security
  • Optimized for performance
  • Designed for scalability
  • Support of Disaster Recovery
  • Built on open technology



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Cloud / Mobile First

  • Device agnostic applications allow you to reach maximum users with a single code-base
  • Securely store and access data from anywhere with a data connection
  • Cloud native means multiple deployment options
  • Cloud means open, agile, and integrated

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Kinetech Engineers are responsible for some of the most complex Mendix implementations

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