Kinetech's MissioN 

Kinetech's mission is to serve as a transformative catalyst for good through our people and work. We hire the best people we can find to help make this future a reality. 

Director of Sales

Category  -  Sales

Job Type  -  Full-time

Location  -  Remote

Report to  -  CEO





  • Competitive salary
  • Industry leading commissions
    • Uncapped commissions, no minimums
    • Paid out 30 days after invoice paid by customer (not 45 days after quarter)
  • Opportunity to earn equity Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)
  • Flexible work schedule, Healthcare, Dental, and Vision


You will join, build, and lead the sales organization within Kinetech, a team whose focus is to strategically identify, engage, and sign clients / partners. In doing so, you will help Kinetech fulfill our mission and achieve our long term strategy. We are an award-winning organization striving to become an INC 5000 business by 2020.


Reporting directly to the CEO, you will be responsible for creating a world-class sales organization in the fast growing low-code (subscription) software market. You will be responsible for building and managing the team that sells our products and services. The role will have two major focus areas:

  1. The first is to support our long term goal by creating and managing our sales team and strategy.  
  2. The second is to help in the execution of that strategy.

In this dynamic environment, you will work cross functionally with marketing, sales engineering, delivery and support. Ultimately your performance and compensation will be determined by your ability to grow the sales funnel, accelerate the sales process, and improve the conversion rate of our team. We have exceptional people, enterprise technology, and technical resources. We need a competitive, experienced, and passionate sales leader that can get results while living our core values.


  • Build the sales organization by building on the foundational success we’ve had to date
  • Bring specific industry knowledge and sales acumen to our organization
  • Perform quarterly reviews of sales personnel and report / collaborate with the board
  • Assist in developing / refining our pricing strategy
  • Identify challenges / opportunities prospects face (in specific industries)
    • Including targeting similar prospects to our existing clientele
  • Work with marketing to create relevant content
  • Continue to refine sales process and approach


At a high-level, you will execute our strategy by leading weekly sales calls, educating junior sales associates, refining our sales process, participating in sales calls, and ultimately closing deals.  

Specifically you will:

  • Take ownership of deals in our CRM and matriculate leads through the sales process
  • Lead weekly sales meetings:
    • Provide updates on deals / expected close date and dollar amounts (license & service)
    • Coordinate with sales engineering for demos of the Mendix platform or Kinetech products
  • Foster prospects / customer relationships
  • Run / manage campaigns:
    • Identify prospective clients and gather / aquire contact information (phone, email, website, etc) through research, directing sales associates / interns, or contracting / buying lists
    • Research prospects / companies and engage them with a combination of outbound sales calls, and emails w/ relevant marketing content
    • Follow up with inbound interest and develop a business case for either an application or platform investment
    • Manage introduction to our delivery team and create confidence in our ability to deliver the value / ROI the client is seeking
    • Shepard them through the sales funnel and close the deal
  • Close deals by getting clients to agree to 1 - 3 year subscription licenses w/ professional services.
    • Prospects will ultimately purchase / invest in either:
  • One or more specific applications that will address specific needs
  • A platform investment that will allow them to build multiple applications and services
  • Hire Kinetech to build applications where they have already purchased the platform (from Mendix)

A “land and expand” approach is encouraged where a client starts small (one or more specific applications), then moves to a platform investment once they see the value of our offering.

Specific applications / entries into sales conversations can take many forms, here are a few examples:

    • Innovation Apps: Offering new products or services (digital products, IoT / AI, New Channels, etc.)
    • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining repetitive processes (integrating systems, scheduling software, Q/A, Compliance, creating strategic workflows, etc.)
    • Modernize legacy systems: Rebuilding / replacing apps that are falling out of support windows or have become to rigid / costly to maintain
    • Customer Engagement: B2B applications, order management, B2C portals / applications


  • A seasoned sales executive (5+ years) in software / IT sales working with a technology-centric consulting firm or organization
  • An effective sales leader who is comfortable having pricing conversations with prospects / clients and has closed or assisted in closing contracts from $50,000 USD contracts
  • A results oriented self-starter who embraces challenges
  • A fast learner who is coachable and can coach others
  • A competitive individual who loves winning and hates losing
  • An opportunistic minded individual who recognizes the potential of low-code platforms / custom software with a an understanding of agile delivery
  • A disciplined professional with experience using a CRM and who is committed to logging their sales activities and being judged by quantitative measures
  • A proficient communicator (oral and written)
  • A salesperson who embraces cold calling / hunting  prospects and stays motivated
  • Confident at working with executives and collaborating with junior sales associates
  • Comfortable working in a fast-changing environment, with strong time management and prioritization skills
  • A high-integrity individual who does what they say and says what they’ll do
  • Strong attention to detail and high standard for quality and professionalism
  • Excellent teamwork and collaboration skills and flexible working environment
  • Willingness to travel (when necessary) to close deals, meet quarterly with board / executive team
  • Highly proficient general computational skills
  • Experience / willingness to work remote

If you are as ambitious as we are, we want to hear from you but before applying please ask yourself:

  • Is this role a good match for me and my long term goals? We really want to hear about your experience, why you chose this career, and where you think you will find the most sales success.
  • Do I have all the skills and experience required for this role? Be realistic. We will only consider applications that demonstrate relevant skills or the potential to match the role requirements