Boosting Borusan Berg Pipe's Sales with Kinetech: a 4-Week CRM Transformation


  • Custom customer relationship management (CRM) application built and delivered by Kinetech in only 4 weeks!
  • Application includes a competitor analysis tool to evaluate the time to deliver jobs versus the bid itself, forcing transparency and pricing certainty.
  • Provides dynamic sales forecast visualization tools with drill-down capabilities to flag anomalies and help management make data-informed decisions.
  • Elimination of error-prone, inefficient, and manual Excel-based processes. 
  • Automate the creation of daily reports for executives, consolidating data from multiple sources into a single report. 
  • Streamlines sales activity tracking and reporting for outside sales teams, allowing sales executives to submit and review sales activities quickly.
  • Aggregates critical data, including historical and forecasted sales, materials procurement, and competitor activities to streamline, quarterly executive reviews.

Introducing Borusan Berg Pipe:

Borusan Berg Pipe (“Berg Pipe”) is a world-market leader in large-diameter line pipe production and they are changing the world of pipe sales. Berg engaged Kinetech to develop a custom customer relationship management application (“CRM”) that could support their inside and outside sales teams, as well as procurement, U.S. management, and executive leadership. Kinetech delivered an application within weeks of formally kicking off development.

The Challenges:

Before engaging with Kinetech, Berg Pipe’s U.S. sales organization relied heavily on manual and error-prone Excel spreadsheets to manage its sales organization. Like many organizations reliant on Excel, Berg Pipe faced significant challenges in their approach. Not only was Berg Pipe attempting to manage data across multiple locations, but there were significant issues with data accuracy causing data inconsistencies and the need to update information across related reports manually.

Historical data viewpoints and trends were difficult to identify. This magnified the challenges of relying on historical results to guide decision-making, as current situations could not be analyzed within a historical context. The lack of data standardization and governance made tracking sales opportunities and competitor activities complicated and time-consuming. Generating accurate executive and managerial reports was a manual activity completed daily by key personnel, and too often contained data errors. 

Ultimately, as soon as a Microsoft Excel sheet was updated by any member of the organization, all other sheets, reports, and other derivative works became outdated and potentially obsolete. This resulted in time-consuming modeling production and delivery scenarios which led to delayed quoting project turnaround times. 

The Solution: 

Berg Pipe turned to Kinetech to develop a custom CRM to be utilized by all key stakeholder groups within the sales organization, including: inside sales, outside sales, procurement, management, and executive leadership. Utilizing agile development, within 4 weeks Kinetech was able to deliver the first production-ready iteration of “Berg CRM”. 

Partnering with the Kinetech Team made sense for us because they offered a compelling opportunity - to develop a custom app within a matter of weeks, where our needs were the only focus.
— Peter Borgards - Chief Commercial Officer | Borusan Berg Pipe 

Berg CRM revolutionized Berg Pipe’'s US sales operations by automating tracking, reporting, and forecasting processes, saving valuable time and resources. Custom workflows were established by Kinetech for various sales processes, ensuring data consistency and generating necessary outputs. This adoption eliminated the reliance on Excel spreadsheets and resolved issues related to data accuracy and integrity, ensuring that management was getting reliable, up-to-date reports at all times. 

Kinetech's solution empowered Berg Pipe with robust capabilities for tracking customer, supplier, and competitor activities, enabling meaningful insights and reports. Berg CRM aggregates critical data, including historical sales, purchases, and forecasts, streamlining quarterly executive reviews. It also automated report delivery, ensuring stakeholders receive updated information daily as well as on demand.

Berg CRM streamlined sales activity tracking and reporting for outside sales teams, allowing sales executives to submit and review sales activities quickly. Additionally, Kinetech provided delivery and production scheduling tools, facilitating decision-making based on resource availability and profit margin analysis. 

Overall, this flexibility offered Berg Pipe newfound insights into its business, market dynamics, and competitors, thanks to its partnership with Kinetech. 



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