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Recognize the full potential of Low-Code & cloud-native technology.

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Kinetech GovCloud

Digitize Paper-Based Processes

Use the Government Cloud (GovCloud) cloud to harness the power of low-code and provide digital government services for the 21st century. Provide transparency with a public-facing dashboard illustrating how funds are spent. The City of San Antonio Neighborhood and Housing Services Department (NHSD) leveraged the Kinetech GovTech Cloud to launch emergency housing assistance in response to COVID-19 in just 10 business days. To date, they expect to distribute $75 Million Dollars using the solution.


Financial Services

Launch Digital Financial Products, Self-Service Portals, or Integrate Existing Systems

Test drive a simple application for a new insurance quote. Capture an electronic signature and receive a clean PDF via email upon completion. 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Convert Image Data to Text with Artificial Intelligence 

Leverage Artificial Intelligence with Kinetech using common AI such as Chat GPT, AWS, Google's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) AI, and more!


Document Markup

Overlay Shapes on Plans / Images and Annotate with Text

Kintech's document markup widget can be used as a standalone product or integrated into a full solution suite. Document necessary changes while preserving the underlying / original image / document. 

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Workflow / Wizard

Guide Users Through Intuitive Step-by-Step Processes

Breakup complex data intake forms into manageable steps for your stakeholders. Kinetech has extensive experience building intuitive workflows with validation to guide users from start to finish for any process. 



Create Compelling Data Visualizations to Inform Decision Makers

Automate reporting with custom dashboards that provide insight into the inner workings of your organization. From interactive charts / graphs to comprehensive dashboards, we have the team to help you realize your vision.