Custom Software for
leaders that

think differently.

Every business is unique. Use custom software to differentiate
your business. When off-the-shelf does not cut it, Kinetech will.

Idea to Application in 30 Days

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Web Applications
Launch intuitive applications & portals that standardize the way your team works while driving return on investment.

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Mobile Applications
Leverage the power of mobile and enable your field-based team with the tools they need.
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Dashboards & Insights
Turn data into actionable information that helps you drive the business to the desired outcomes.


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Cloud Hosting
Deploy to AWS, Azure, or another cloud provider to cost effectively scale your application and make it available for your users.

Systems Integration
Streamline operations, eliminate duplicative data entry, and costly errors by integrating core functions.


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Database Development
Eventually your business will outgrow excel and MS access. Leverage Kinetech architects to build and connect your data sources.

206% Return on Investment in 8 Months

The City of San Antonio, the 7th largest in America, engaged Kinetech to digitize their services. The results outpaced their most optimistic projections.

Why Kinetech? Beacuse Custom is Standard. 

Cloud software has changed the game for business.
Where headcount and company size were once an advantage, it can now be a hindrance.
Where established Information Technology once meant stability, it now means reduced agility in responding to market dynamics. 

The right technology can transform your organization from a niche player to a major threat to established enterprises.

How Cloud Software can Differentiate your Business

How Cloud Software can Differentiate your Business


It's the outcome that counts.


Work with the company that puts your business outcome first.

Change is difficult and organizational transformation is complex. Without focus and clear objectives, the initiative will stall.

Without proof, doubters will be reluctant to adopt.

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