Product Strategy & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Executing is where the rubber meets the road. Increase the probability of success by leveraging the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy to develop a coherent product strategy, roadmap, and become proficient at Product Lifecycle Management.

Visualizing a great product seems easy...

Have you ever used an application and thought, “That’s so intuitive; it must have been simple to create.” It’s a normal response because simplicity speaks volumes. However, the reality is the result of critical thinking and continuous iteration - going from hypothesis, to verification, and back… until the solution becomes clear. 

It takes an outcome-based approach from a dedicated team.

...but uncertainty abounds

  • Traditional (V-Model) software implementations fail because it's impossible to capture all requirements upfront. You do not know, what you do not know.
  • Agile development mitigates this risk because the mentality of "fail-fast and cheaply" combined with continual feedback and iterative development allows near-immediate validation that the provider and solution are heading in the correct direction.

  • Continuous improvement is inherent to the agile process. As the team adopts this understanding the focus shifts from a preference for completion to a commitment to iterative improvement.

Start with 'Why' and discover the 'What' & 'How'

This is where an outcome-based approach from a dedicated team delivers results.
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Our business engineers collaborate directly with your subject matter experts (SMEs) and management team to define the outcome that generates results.
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Plan & Design 

Using the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy our team will develop a plan that will hit your timeline while architecting a scalable solution.
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Build & Iterate

Using the agile framework, your solution is developed in 'sprints' lasting two weeks each. Feedback is captured to iterate and enhance the application(s).

Deploy & Support

Our support team constantly monitors your application to ensure we meet our service level agreements (SLAs) and continuously monitor feedback for improvement.


Case Study:

Order Error Reduced to Zero 

DIRTT, a publicly traded (NASDAQ: DRTT) manufacturer of prefabricated spaces, replaced an email & excel-based process with a SaaS portal.

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