Construction Software
for general contractors, subcontractors, and prefabricators

Kinetech's agile platform connects your personnel, projects, and devices in a single cloud-based platform.

Cloud-based software to digitize paper processes.

Get your team communicating with a single point of record. Handle submittals, RFIs, and Change Orders (COs) with ease. Send automated notifications to architects, engineers, and subcontractors with the click of a button and access your data from anywhere at any time.

Kinetech PM, a builders secret weapon.

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Connect the Field
with the Office

  • Submittals & RFIs - the devils in the details. Get answers and keep building.
  • Daily Reports & Inspections - track weather, # of personnel on jobsite, and what they're working on
  • Subcontracts & Purchase Orders - create and track commitments throughout the job
  • Potential Cost Impacts (PCIs) & Change Order Requests (CORs) - keep site of costs to maximize profit
  • Pay Applications & Change Orders - Collect payment for service rendered.
  • Uncover insights with analytics and streamline audits with enterprise reporting
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Kinetech (PM) - Project Management Software for Construction Professionals

Manage all your projects, documentation, and financials with software that adjusts to your process. Not the other way around.
Harness the power of mobility to keep your team in sync even when they are not in the same location.
Cloud Hosting
Leverage Kinetech's open APIs to integrate disparate systems and improve internal and external user experience (UX).
Dashboard Analytics
Uncover insights using advanced analytics and discover trends to guide data-based decisions.
Kinetech's agile solution reduces implementation risk by adjusting the software to your unique processes.

Case Study


Revenue Growth
after process standardization

A 90 year old General Contractor experiences massive growth after standardizing processes with Kinetech PM.
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Will technology double or destroy your business?