Digitize Paper Processes.
Citizen-centric software
for Digital Government Services.

Kinetech is a leader in low-code implementation for State & local Government. Contact us to jump start your solution or watch how municipalities are using low code to provide digital services in urban & remote areas around the globe.
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Connect Citizens
with Services

  • Combat budget cuts without compromising service to your most vulnerable citizens
  • Improve experience and enhance engagement with always-on electronic services.
  • Streamline processing with intelligent business rules.
  • Automated notifications when status changes
  • Uncover insights with analytics and streamline audits with enterprise reporting
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GovTech Cloud - Government Technology.
For the People by the People.

Software that adjusts to your process. Not the other way around.
Harness the power of mobility to extend services to your citizens, reduce processing times, and automate notifications.
Cloud Hosting
Leverage the GovTech Cloud to integrate disparate systems and improve internal and external user experience (UX).
Dashboard Analytics
Uncover insights using advanced analytics and discover trends to guide data-based policy decisions.
Kinetech's agile GovTech solution reduces implementation risk by adjusting the software to your unique processes.
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Case Study


Return on Investment
in 8 Months

San Antonio, the 7th largest city in the United States, implements GovTech Cloud to digitize utility credit application to serve citizens within 125% of federal poverty line.
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