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Manufacturing Cloud

The cost of software has dropped 70% over the past 30 years. Through our outcome-based approach, agile development, and expertise in lowcode, we drive results 6X faster while ensuring you recognize a triple digit return on investment (ROI).



Kinetech is a 'Platform Mendix Partner' and employs the most Mendix Certified Experts in the United States. Our founders helped grow the US team at Mendix before starting Kinetech. Leverage our experience to build lowcode capabilities within your organization. 


Enterprise Cloud

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Executing is where the rubber meets the road. Increase the probability of success by leveraging the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy and incorporate real time feedback every step of the way.


Kinetech PM

Differentiate your business with a bold strategy. Create value at the intersection of your niche & technology to begin your digital transformation. Somebody is going to disrupt your industry, let's make it you.


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The Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy

Executive sponsorship is critical for a successful implementation. By demonstrating buy-in at the executive level, documenting the escalation protocol, and empowering subject matter experts to make decisions; your business will be able to harness the innovative ideas from your personnel on the front lines.
For rapid innovation to work, you have to embrace an iterative mindset and Agile process. This test and learn approach allows you to test, verify, and course correct if necessary. This is most effective in time-boxed “sprints” of one to two weeks where the developers will plan, build, test, and deploy the fun
Once your people are aligned, leverage their knowledge of the business to identify a high value first project. When successful, this project should create a wow factor from the business. Ride the momentum of this success to propel further innovation. Your next focus should be to align your strategy with your company initiatives. Identify three to five high-value projects and prioritize the value they would create for your organization.

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