Connecting DIRTT's Network: How an Integrated CRM, Ordering and Project Management App Streamlined Operations

Connecting DIRTT's Network: How an Integrated CRM, Ordering and Project Management App Streamlined Operations

  • Kinetech designed an integrated web and mobile ERP system that seamlessly connected DIRTT with its network of over 100 distribution partners. 
  • The application facilitated seamless project scheduling and coordination by integrating customizable templates with built-in lead times. This ensured timely execution and improved collaboration among stakeholders (DIRTT, DP, Install Teams), resulting in enhanced client satisfaction and project success.
  • Enabled the successful transformation of operations by replacing email and Excel-based ordering processes with a modern, integrated system.
  • Automated processes such as tracking opportunities, building quotes, submitting orders, managing projects, reporting over 15,000 deficiencies, and much more. 
  • Streamlined mobile-based physical quality inspections at job sites. This included managing the entire process from order receipt, any deficiency capture, notifications, and re-ordering, thus addressing the critical deficiencies in project management capabilities.
  • Since the implementation, 100% of orders have been submitted cleanly through the application, eliminating the back-and-forth clarifications that were previously necessary.
  • This solution resulted in the successful management of over 8500 projects resulting in over $600 million in orders, highlighting the significant positive impact on the entire network.
  • The standardized process not only improved accuracy but also saved thousands of working hours each year, enhancing operational efficiency.

Introducing DIRTT: Doing It Right This Time.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions is a global leader in manufacturing and industrialized construction for interior spaces. With two decades of experience, DIRTT combines innovation, sustainability, and flexible design to transform interior spaces. DIRTT's commitment to "doing it right this time" is reflected in its innovative approach to modular construction. They provide pre-fabricated interiors to clients, relying on a network of partners, including furniture dealers, to complete the last-mile sale, delivery, and installation.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions, based in Calgary with several manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada, specializes in prefabricated interior construction. They create custom-built walls, casework, doors, floors, and more, all built to the specific needs of clients building out their interior spaces. To reach their end customers, DIRTT relies on a network of over 100 partners. These partners work directly with clients, handling everything from design and specification to ordering and installation of DIRTT's products.

The Challenge: 

DIRTT’s approach, while innovative, comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in the areas of ordering and project management due to the integration of furniture dealers into their partner network.

A primary challenge is the complexity of the ordering process. Each item must be precisely specified, with exact dimensions and specifications, all designed using DIRTT’s sophisticated ICE software. DIRTT also required a lengthy checklist of other items to ensure their products were appropriate for the client’s space. This ensures that every product is custom-fit to the client, but it also makes the ordering process more complex. DIRTT had relied on email submissions which led to issues with incomplete order forms, difficulty tracking orders, and redundant reviews of information. 

Project management presents another hurdle. Many of DIRTT's partners, being furniture dealers, lacked CRM and project management tools. They often resort to using emails, texts, and Excel for project coordination. These were inefficient and error-prone. Further, vital information could get lost or become inaccessible, if locked in the inbox of someone who is out of office or no longer with the company or even out on the job site without access. Such challenges can lead to delays in projects, affecting overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

The Solution: 

Kinetech stepped in to design an integrated web and mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This innovative solution seamlessly connected DIRTT with its network of distribution partners, providing an end-to-end platform for opportunity tracking, quote generation, order submission, project management, and deficiency reporting, among other functionalities.

“Kinetech is the best PM tool we’ve seen. It marries the worlds of Project Management with our tailored prefab construction.” – Mogens Smed, former CEO at DIRTT

Essentially, this platform provided DIRTT and all of its partners a space where everything from placing orders to uploading CAD files, and tracking opportunities can occur under one roof. Within this solution, Kinetech created a full project management suite that DIRTT partners could leverage that included operation identification, tracking, and quote creation. This brought immense value to the partners who could then forecast opportunities that will go to DIRTT and based on those opportunities, they can assign DIRTT products to the quote. This provided visibility to both the partner and DIRTT on pending orders coming in, which made tracking transparent, efficient, and effective, and enabled more accurate quotes for the end customer. 

Within the application, DIRTT can not only track quotes and orders, but once quotes become projects they can view all information related to current projects and contracts. This includes the ability to schedule projects, track the financial aspects of any project, create punch lists, manage status reports, and even report directly from the job site via a mobile device. When an order arrives at a site it can tracked, and inspected for any deficiencies. Should there be a deficiency it can be recorded and reported, any needed products can be re-ordered, and all of this can occur from the palm of the inspector or installer's hand.

The application eliminates any need for manual processes and email shuffling and gives the people on-site the ability to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible while communicating with the rest of the team in real time. The application has enabled the reporting of over 15,000 deficiencies directly from the job site. 

At the time of delivery, the Kinetech-built application had empowered up to 60 DIRTT partners, offering them a sophisticated platform to streamline their operations. With 100% of orders seamlessly processed through the application, DIRTT has successfully managed over 8500 projects. This centralized solution integrates deficiency management, efficient scheduling, vendor coordination, order processing, and project management functionalities, notably enhancing status reporting. Serving as a single hub for all stakeholders including DIRTT partners, install teams, and others, it fosters collaboration and coherence across the network, ultimately optimizing productivity and project outcomes. Now, they can truly Do It Right The First Time.

Since 2014, Kinetech has been supporting Kinetech PM - a 10-year running SaaS that was the basis of this project for DIRTT. Since then, the solution has processed hundreds of millions in construction projects and supported some of Kinetech’s longest-standing partners for a decade.

Over the years, DIRTT has been one of the largest subscribers to Kinetech PM and highlights how well this solution can address the challenges many like DIRTT face. In this video below, featuring Jake Spence, he discusses how Kinetech PM has helped standardize and improve internal processes at Elements. These improvements have helped the DIRTT division manage unprecedented growth from $300k in sales to over $10 Million over the past eight years.


About Kinetech:

Kinetech is the leading developer of Low-Code, cloud-native, digital experience, automation, and core systems software applications for the financial, industrial, and public sectors. With over 10 years of Mendix implementation experience, the highest concentration of advanced Mendix developers in the United States, and the strongest track record of customer success, you can be confident partnering with us on your most important modernization initiatives. Our composable service offerings are configured and integrated with other web services (APIs), platforms, and enterprise applications.



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