The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) awarded Kinetech DIR-CPO-4735 in response to DIR-CPO-TMP-449. The contract for Software Solutions augments 416 covering Software Products, Software Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Modules Products and Services. The contract is awarded by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state.

DIR-CPO-4735: Software Solutions 

This contract covers Low Code / No Code, the Mendix Platform, Developer Tools, What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor, Project & Portfolio Management, Workflow Automation, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML). The Kinetech Cloud, LLC contract may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. For more information please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts page. Resellers are not available for this contract.

Visit the official DIR-CPO-4735 Contract at: https://dir.texas.gov/contracts/dir-cpo-4735

Kinetech Cloud, LLC is a provider of custom enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) products, low code / no code solutions, and professional services. Our professional services include solution design, architecture, installation, configuration, support, and other related services. The company focuses on cloud, mobile, and integrated technologies that solve real client problems. Kinetech's cloud offerings can be standalone or configured and integrated with other web services (APIs), platforms, and enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, HCM). Kinetech delivers its offerings via internet browsers and on mobile devices. The company designs, builds, and supports mission critical applications, client / vendor portals, and modernizes legacy systems. Kinetech is a low code pioneer and certified Mendix / Siemens Partner since 2014. 




Procurement / Ride-Along Provisions:

  1. Texas State Agencies
  2. Public and Private Institutions of Higher Education
  3. Public and Private School Districts (K-12)
  4. Local Governments
  5. Assistance Organizations
  6. Public Hospitals
  7. Public Institutions Outside of Texas

How to Order

  1. Review last published DIR Pricing. Confirm with Kinetech if version is up to date. 2023-November-Pricing. 
  2. For product and pricing information, please contact Michael Guido at (844) 546-3832 or email sales@kinetechcloud.com
  3. Confirm use case, user count, product / services, implementation timeline and any additional paperwork.
  4. Generate a purchase order made payable to Kinetech Cloud, LLC and you must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4735 on your purchase order.
  5. E-mail your purchase order and quote form to ap@kinetechcloud.com or your designated vendor sales representative.

Contact Kinetech

Phone: (844) 546 - 3832

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  • 1 - Sales
  • 2 - USA Support
  • 3 - UK Support
  • 4 - Billings


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