Mendix Partners are
not created equal.

Kinetech employs 5 of the Top 10 Mendix Certified experts in America. Our founders are ex-Mendix employees. Learn what differentiates Kinetech from the Mendix Partner Community.

Large enough to handle your most complex project. Small enough to provide world-class service.

Kinetech is a Platform Mendix Partner that focuses solely on Mendix implementations. Our CTO has been developing in the business modeler (now called StudioPro) since version 2 and is a Mendix MVP that helps influence the product roadmap. He built the original American business engineering team. Our CEO was #2 on that team.

Kinetech uses the Mendix Platform to ensure your digital transformation is successful. Change is difficult and organizational transformation is complex. Without focus and clear objectives, the initiative will stall.

How to start your digital transformation in 30 days?

It involves a change in mindset and disciplined focus. The Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy focuses on four key aspects required to drive digital innovation. 

We call them the four (4) Ps.

  • People
  • Process
  • Portfolio
  • Partners

E-Book: Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Start with 'Why' and discover the 'What' & 'How'

This is where an outcome-based approach from a dedicated team delivers results.
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Our business engineers collaborate directly with your subject matter experts (SMEs) and management team to define the outcome that generates results.


Plan & Design 

Using the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy our team will develop a plan that will hit your timeline while architecting a scalable solution.


Build & Iterate

Using the agile framework, your solution is developed in 'sprints' lasting two weeks each. Feedback is captured to iterate and enhance the application(s).


Deploy & Support

Our support team constantly monitors your application to ensure we meet our service level agreements (SLAs) and continuously monitor feedback for improvement.


Case Study:

Revenue Growth Recognized 

A 90 year old Texas General Contractor experiences explosive growth through standardization.

Ready to gain an unfair advantage? 

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