How Low-Code Was Leveraged to Unify 1,500+ Sales Associates Across the US with a Custom Configure, Price, and Quote Solution.

How Low-Code Was Leveraged to Unify 1,500+ Sales Associates Across the US with a Custom Configure, Price, and Quote Solution. 

  • A custom Configure, Price, and Quote (“CPQ”) solution built on Mendix low-code dedicated to managing the sales process for over 1,500 sales associates across the United States. 

  • Fully customizable solution that addressed the challenges resulting from heavy paper-based processes, traditional communication practices, lack of automation of routine processes, and the absence of integration to ERP and other existing technologies. 

  • Reduces manual processes, user errors, and bottlenecks across processes. 

  • Ensures processes are compliant with SOX regulations.


Technology Product Manufacturer Digitally Transforms

A leading technology product manufacturer (“Company”), renowned for shaping the office solutions landscape, found itself in a complex environment of regional disparities, outdated systems, and non-standard processes within sales and operations. The need for digital transformation was paramount to streamline operations and ensure compliance.

The Challenges

The Company navigated a complex landscape that relied heavily on outdated and siloed processes and technologies. Due to these outdated processes, the sales team grappled with non-compliant paperwork and challenging discounting practices, leading to SOX compliance issues. This was compounded by inefficient communication, dependence on experienced employees for process knowledge, and legacy systems that were not integrated with ERP systems. These issues resulted in process bottlenecks, employee burn-out, and a high rate of user errors.

The Solution: A Robust CPQ Solution

In response to these challenges, a custom solution built with Mendix low-code was developed. Beginning with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the solution provided a standardized solution for configuring, pricing, and quoting deals. This evolved into a comprehensive system featuring:

  • DocuSign Integration: Streamlines document creation and signature collection within the CPQ solution.
  • Consolidated Communication: Connects Sales with Order Administration through integrated Request and Chat features. 
  • Automated Notifications: Automates workflows and alerts, reducing manual efforts for Order Administration.
  • Regional Price Books: Standardizes the process of managing pricing with regional flexibility for responding to changes in market demand.
  • Product Configuration Rules: Rule-based system to ensure error-free product builds, eliminating configuration errors.
  • Discounting and Approval Matrix: Simplifies discounting within a streamlined workflow ensuring company margins are met.
  • ERP Integration: Eliminates manual entry and provides real-time information to Sales and Operations. 
  • Automated Commissions: Transparency into the commission calculation with a rules-based system on deal entry. The solution automates commission calculations and integrates with the payroll system reducing administrative overhead.
  • Integrated Knowledge: Merge business workflow and application knowledgebase, serving as operating procedures for the business.

This CPQ solution revolutionized the Company's approach to Sales and Operations by providing a custom-developed solution that combines the need for standardization but is also flexible enough to support the unique needs of each sales region. Initially, the rollout targeted one region with 100 users. Over a 12-month period, it expanded to encompass all USA operations, reaching over 1,500 sales associates. Despite this growth, the system retained its adaptability to regional requirements and ensured continued compliance with corporate standards. The unified CPQ system offers real-time sales cycle visibility with regional customizations and integrated knowledge of the business and application process. This standardization across regions paved the way for sales automation and operational consolidation, positioning the company as a market leader.

The custom solution built by Kinetech not only resolved immediate operational inefficiencies but also laid the foundation for continuous innovation and growth, propelling the company ahead in a competitive market.


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