Transforming Vendor Management: How a Leading Industrial Supplier Streamlined Operations with Kinetech


  • The sunset of the legacy application and rebuild with Mendix was completed in only eight weeks, showcasing efficiency and Kinetech’s commitment to delivering value-driven solutions.
  • The seamless migration and modernization of a legacy in-house application to the Mendix low-code platform not only ensured continuity of operations but also enabled tailored adaptations to address the specific needs of an Industrial Sector leader.
  • The application now features a variety of new ways to contact users, streamlining updates and communication organization-wide.
  • Users can now effectively look up data based on specific criteria or offerings, eliminating manual exploration and saving time.
  • The application highlights vendors lacking necessary documentation, enhancing decision-making and reducing potential delays.
  • Administrative users can now manage data directly within the application, reducing reliance on IT support.
  • The revamped application addresses user needs with intuitive features, improving usability and enhancing the overall user experience.
  • The upgraded platform lays the foundation for future innovation, enabling the company to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Leader in the Industrial Sector Modernizes Application Landscape And Enhances Vendor Management:

A prominent Company selected Kinetech to modernize and revitalize its vendor management capabilities. Faced with the complexity of managing a vast network of vendors, this Company engaged Kinetech to rebuild its vendor management application with Mendix. The rebuilt application was necessary to enable the Company to better locate and manage its vendors and modernize how its sales teams identify suppliers to engage with.  

Supplier and Vendor Management in Manufacturing

The Challenges:

Initially developed in-house, the legacy application demonstrated the company's technical capabilities but lacked user-centric features. Eventually, communication gaps emerged. Important updates were often not communicated, and when they were, it was typically through word-of-mouth, thus hindering operational efficiency. Users could not map vendors accurately or based on specific criteria, and Administrators could not manage back-end data themselves. Lastly, all maintenance and updates were the responsibility of internal staff, which proved unsustainable in the long term. With the transition to Mendix, the company hoped to make supporting and enhancing the application less resource-intensive. 

The Solution: A 6-Week Revamp and Improvement:

Recognizing the need for a more intuitive and robust solution, the Company engaged the Kinetech Team to rebuild its legacy application with Mendix. Kinetech's expertise in low-code development and history of past success with this Company ensured a successful transformation of the app into a comprehensive vendor management application tailored to the end user's needs. This project took eight weeks to build and launch. 

The revamped vendor management application includes several key features and enhancements. To tackle the ongoing issues with communication, Kinetech implemented multiple features that improve users' ability to communicate information across the entire app or by region. This way, users will always be aware of any news about the vendors in their area. Additionally, these communication tools let users effectively reach out to and communicate with vendors. 

Second, Kinetech upgraded features throughout the application to better fit user requirements. The application now includes more intuitive tools for locating the data users need and helps to cut down on time spent manually looking up and verifying data. The development team not only fulfilled the request to search for data throughout the application but also updated the application to highlight when key data points were missing or needed attention. This proactive approach demonstrates a deep understanding of user requirements.

Lastly, administrators were granted autonomy with data management. In the Mendix app, administrative users have self-service functionality, enabling direct data management. This adjustment eliminates the need to pull in IT for assistance when the users need to make changes in the database. These tools further streamline communication processes, fostering improved collaboration and efficiency.

Result and Future Outlook:

The transition to the Mendix platform empowered the company to streamline vendor management operations. Early indicators and feedback suggest a significant improvement in user experience, with estimates projecting several hundred users benefiting from the enhanced application. The project concluded ahead of schedule and under budget, showcasing Kinetech's commitment to delivering value-driven solutions. The rebuilt application is intuitive and easy to use, eliminating the need for training. It enhances communication and user experience, is automatically updated and maintained, and lays the foundation for future scalability and innovation.



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