City of San Antonio - Digital Transformation

Learn about the City of San Antonio's Digital Transformation with Kinetech.


Digital transformation is tough, but by leveraging Kinetech's proven start, structure, scale approach, the Department of Human Services was able to rollout a digital utility credit application in just 16 weeks. The solution assists the city's most vulnerable residents, those living within 125% of the federal poverty line.




In seven months the application assisted the city in processing over 12,500 applications (25% over expectations). In 11 months, adoption ballooned to over 18,000+ applications. The solution has generated a 206% return on investment for the city in less than 12 months.


The department of Human Services recently extended the contract service for an additional three years. 

As other organizations witnessed the success, the City of San Antonio began adopting the Kinetech GovTech cloud in other areas such as Neighborhood & Housing Services where Kinetech helped distribute over $200 Million to San Antonio's most vulnerable residents.

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Kinetech GovTech - City of San Antonio - Low-code - Mendix



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