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At Kinetech, we are always striving to turn your business potential into dynamic performance. With the Kinetech PM: Digital Innovation release we are taking another step at doing just that! At Connext, the Chicago construction conference, you spoke and we listened! Distribution Partners everywhere could benefit from further standardization, visualization, and insights into your interior construction installs.

Today we are proud to release our first iteration in a series of Digital Innovation releases. The primary focus of this release is the install tracker. In general, these releases will be focused on bringing your data to life through key metrics, comparisons, and charts. Future updates will provide more insight into estimating accuracy (vs. actuals) in addition to how your firm compares to the rest of the Kinetech PM community. This bench-marking will provide you insight into the efficiency at which you manage your install labor, regardless if it is an internal install team or subcontracted labor.

As labor is one of the largest variable costs on any interior construction project, this insight will allow you to continuously examine and refine BOTH your estimating and project delivery. Over time, this data should also improve your estimating as you will quickly be able to recall past estimates from prior projects and examine them by industry type OR complexity. Ideally this will improve both your performance and profitability when quoting new work!

We hope you enjoy this release, and please continue to submit feedback to guide Kinetech PM future development efforts. In return, we promise to keep our commitment of transforming your business potential into dynamic performance!

Watch the full video on youtube: Kinetech PM: Digital Innovation Release

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