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In 2009 Apple launched the, "There's an App for that" ad campaign:

Fast forward six (6) years later and businesses everywhere are grappling with how to provide better experiences for their customers through self service portals, or risk losing them to the competition.

If you haven't realized the app economy has fundamentally transformed your customers behavior you are missing the boat. Virtually every incumbent player in every industry is either investing in digital innovation or facing extinction. For the most part, small to medium-sized enterprises have been relegated to the sidelines while the dominant players in the industry have invested millions with IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte to maintain their market leadership.

In fact, Accenture just released a new research report based on a survey of 400 decision-makers globally. According to the report, "Customers are in control of their interactions with businesses in the digital age. Attracting, winning, and retaining customers requires a concerted effort across the entire organization, with profitability, ROI, and customer satisfaction as key measurements of their progress."

Until now, these digital innovation initiatives have been expensive, timely, and out of reach for most businesses. While the fortune 500 can rely on the large consulting firms your business can rely on Kinetech to lead you through this digital transformation. We are nimble, responsive, and experienced. We have already done it for customers across North America. Are you ready to transform your business potential into dynamic performance? 

Image Courtesy of: theappentrepreneur.com

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