Kinetech Announces Q4 & 2018 Year End Results.

Kinetech, a business solutions firm offering agile custom software as a service and systems integration services, announces record breaking results with revenue up 25% over Q4 2017 and 18% for the full year.

“In Q4 we finalized a five-year license agreement with the City of San Antonio (COSA) to leverage our Government Technology (GovTech) Cloud solution for their Department of Human Services (DHS). The successful adoption and rollout further validates that the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy is an effective blueprint regardless of organization size if leadership teams are serious about digital transformation,” says Michael Guido, CEO of Kinetech. "We also see growth opportunities as American manufacturers embrace the ‘Digital Factory’ and our outcome-based approach to unlock operational and financial performance that drives return on investment. In healthcare our clients are leveraging Kinetech to integrate disparate systems, automate document creation, and replace legacy CRM solutions. For 2019 we see growth accelerating between 40 - 60% and remain committed to our mission of serving as a transformative catalyst for good to our clients through our people and work.”

Since the formal go-live, COSA has reported nearly 90% of all applications received are digital (vs. paper), with over 3400 applications submitted in less than three months. The city also touts the GovTech solutions assistance in eliminating error prone data entry, enhancing communication with applicants via automated notifications, and reducing processing times by nearly 50% (from 45 minutes to 25 minutes). A direct integration to the City’s case management system is expected to reduce processing times by an additional 20 minutes. These enhancements are significant as the DHS program provides utility credits to the city's most vulnerable residents - those living within 125% of the federal poverty line.

The successful adoption and rollout of the City of San Antonio - Department of Human Services (DHS) solution further validates that the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy is an effective blueprint regardless of organization size if leadership teams are serious about digital transformation.

Kinetech is a cloud-native company combining full-service business consulting, agile software development, and enterprise support. The company was founded by former Strategy & IT consultants Michael Guido (CEO) and Ricky Volz (COO), who are fed up with the traditional consulting model.

“We empathize with our clients who have been burned in the past by failed technology implementations where teams of consultants try to configure off-the-shelf solutions. The financial incentives are not aligned when billable hours are these firms primary source of revenue. As a result, the projects drag on and cost clients and taxpayers substantial sums of money. By using agile methodologies, cloud technology, and as-a-Service contracts, we eliminate this misalignment of incentives and drive real results.”

According to Gartner (an independent research firm), the demand for agile, quick-to-market, cloud-based web and mobile applications is growing significantly faster than the capacity of internal IT organizations to deliver them. In contrast, the DHS application for the City of San Antonio went from design to deployment in 16-weeks using the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy.

Highlights of Kinetech’s Q4 and full year results include: 

  • Record revenue in 2018 with impressive quarter over quarter growth of 25%: Kinetech completed its second largest quarter ever with bookings up 25% over Q4 2017, and record year end revenue with strong bookings in healthcare, manufacturing, and government technology.
  • Completion of the City of San Antonio’s DHS Emergency Service Application: General public availability began in November with further enhancements coming in Q2 2019.
  • Recognized as “Best of San Antonio” for Software
  • Publicly recognized as a leader in Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting: Kinetech is ranked a top 15 AWS Consultant. The ranking was compiled by an online ratings and review firm who dedicates themselves to identifying firms that deliver via independently verified customer reviews.
  • Onboarded Aja Emmanuel as new Director of Sales: Kinetech appointed Mr. Emmanuel as it’s new Director of Sales.
  • Opened new office in Nashville bringing total office count to five: San Antonio (HQ), Houston, Nashville, Charlotte, and London.

 For information on how to leverage Kinetech’s expertise to unlock your organization's potential using cloud technology, please contact us here.

About Kinetech: 
Kinetech is a US based technology consulting firm that designs, delivers, and supports custom cloud software, turning potential into performance while driving meaningful return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Through disciplined strategy, agile software-delivery, rapid application development (RAD), and global support - we deliver sustainable digital innovation to our customers. We believe technology has the potential to unlock value for every organization and that the best solutions augment and enhance human intelligence, rather than replace it. 
Kinetech enables organizations to: 

  • Develop new digital products & services to enhance the customer experience and improve operational inefficiencies
  • Modernize legacy applications and improve performance with stabilized enterprise infrastructure (AWS, Azure, SAP Cloud, Cloud Foundry)
  • Extend and enhance the use of legacy systems by developing new functionality on cloud architecture that can evolve with the changing needs of business
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