Kinetech, a Lowcode / Mendix Implementation Pioneer, Announces Record Q4 Results.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS January 28th, 2020 – Kinetech, a Platform Mendix partner offering agile custom software and systems integration services, announces record breaking results with revenue up 36% over Q4 2019. Full year revenue was up 27% over 2019. Growth was primarily driven by demand for Mendix implementation services, custom software development, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting. For 2020, we expect revenue growth of 40-60% and plan to grow our United States based team of elite consultants and Mendix engineers by 20-40%.

“We had our best quarter ever with growth of 36% over Q4 2019. During the quarter, Kinetech was recognized as the #1 Cloud Computing Consultants in Texas, moving up two spots from Q3 as rated by an independent analyst firm. As management teams across industry begin to realize the impact Mendix can have on their organization, we are confident they will rely on Kinetech to deliver as we are a trusted leader in the lowcode consulting space. Kinetech empowers our clients to own their digital transformation journey from start to finish through our proven, results-driven process known by our customers as the Kinetech Digital Execution Strategy.” says Michael Guido, CEO of Kinetech.

Kinetech-1 Cloud Consultant

As a platform Mendix partner, led by ex-Mendix engineers, Kinetech’s expert services are uniquely positioned to ensure organizations recognize the promise of high return on investment (ROI) that lowcode, agile development, and digital transformation can offer to leaders who are bold enough to take action. Kinetech clients continue to demonstrate high satisfaction in their partnership with us, yielding an approval rating of 98% or 4.9 / 5 stars.

Kinetech remains at the forefront of delivering technological solutions that support the blending of the physical and virtual worlds, and we see the relevance of our software products and services further maturing in this space well into the future. Technology unemployment is near record lows (1.9%) while the demand for application development continues to outpace the supply of qualified developers. Demand is expected to increase 5x in the coming years.  

As a pioneer and certified expert in lowcode implementations, Kinetech bridges the talent shortage while enabling our clients to implement solutions 10x faster, effectively doing more with less. By 2020, Gartner predicts nearly 50% of all applications will be built using lowcode technologies. Kinetech is strategically positioned to not only participate in this growth but capture a significant share by empowering customers looking to adopt these technologies.

As SAP ECC reaches ‘end of life’ in 2025 and customers migrate to SAP 4/HANA over the next five years, Kinetech is uniquely positioned to help companies future-proof their IT infrastructure, especially since Mendix apps come automatically configured with SAP single sign-on. Custom solutions and extensions can be deployed to the SAP Cloud using existing SAP credentials easily and seamlessly. By keeping the SAP core ‘vanilla’ and using Mendix, the only lowcode platform that runs natively on the HANA data platform, for customization - businesses can significantly reduce maintenance costs while rapidly deploying the innovative business applications they need to compete in a digital era. To learn more about why Kinetech is the best partner to leverage the SAP / Mendix Solution Extension Partnership visit us here.

“I want to commend our team for the great work in 2019 and thank our customers and partners for their continued trust in Kinetech. We remain committed to our mission of serving as a transformative catalyst for good through our work and are proud of the solutions we maintain and the results we are driving for business and governments across North America.” 

Highlights of Kinetech’s Q4 results include:

  • Recognized as the #1 Cloud Consultant in Texas
  • Revenues up 36% over Q4 2019

For information on how to leverage Kinetech’s expertise to unlock your organization's potential using cloud technology, please contact us here.

About Kinetech:

Kinetech is a provider of custom enterprise software, built on Mendix, delivered through the cloud, with a focus on digital transformation.  The company focuses on cloud, mobile, and integrated technologies that solve real client problems. Kinetech's service offerings are configured and integrated with other web services (APIs), platforms, and enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, HCM). Kinetech delivers its offerings via internet browsers and on mobile devices. The company designs, builds, and supports mission critical applications, client / vendor portals, and modernizes legacy systems. Its cloud offerings include the Digital Factory (Manufacturing), Kinetech PM (Construction / Project Management), GovTech (Government Technology) Cloud, and other bespoke solutions (Enterprise Cloud).

Key clients include the City of San Antonio (GovTech Cloud), (Kinetech PM / Digital Factory) a publicly traded prefab manufacturer of custom interior and medical spaces, ninety (90) year old Guido Construction (PM Cloud), Top 10 Real Estate Brokerage, and an Inc 1000 Benefits provider (Enterprise Cloud).

Kinetech enables organizations to:

  • Design Microservices Architecture with the Mendix Platform
  • Digital Transformation Services including Product Lifecycle Management
  • Develop new digital products & services to enhance the customer experience and improve operational inefficiencies
  • Modernize legacy applications and improve performance with stabilized enterprise infrastructure (AWS, Azure, SAP Cloud, Cloud Foundry)
  • Extend and enhance the use of legacy systems by developing new functionality on cloud architecture that can evolve with the changing needs of business

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