Kinetech Launches Expert Certified Mendix Development & Enablement Services on AWS Marketplace

Offerings include Mendix Development Services and Low-Code Enablement / Training. Kinetech GovCloud© and FinTech Cloud© Coming Soon.

San Antonio, TX, June 4, 2024 – Kinetech, North America's leading Mendix partner announces the availability of its Mendix Expert Development Services, Mendix Assessment and Roadmap Services, and our Mendix Audit and Remediation Services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. This strategic collaboration empowers organizations in the manufacturing, banking, and government sectors to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives efficiently and confidently.

Now accessible through the AWS Marketplace, Kinetech's professional services provide customers with comprehensive solutions that blend the power of Mendix with AWS's secure and scalable cloud infrastructure and best-in-class software procurement. 

AWS Kinetech Marketplace Listings

Leveraging Mendix, recognized by Gartner as a leading low-code platform, Kinetech enables organizations to expedite application development and deployment, driving their digital transformation goals. 

“The general availability of Kinetech’s services on AWS Marketplace marks a significant milestone, providing our clients with streamlined access to our industry-leading services. We are committed to helping organizations achieve their digital transformation objectives with unparalleled efficiency and expertise.”
– Michael Guido, CEO

Kinetech is the longest-tenured and most experienced Mendix partner in North America. The United States-based team of engineers hold expert certifications and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for clients in the manufacturing, banking, and government sectors. 

Kinetech focuses on driving real business outcomes by empowering organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals swiftly and effectively.

Select success stories include: 

  • Revolutionizing auto loan management for a $750 million credit union.
  • Supporting eXp Realty's rapid global expansion, 14 Countries in 12 Months.
  • Digitizing shop floor operations for a multi-billion dollar global manufacturer.
  • Efficiently distributing nearly $1 billion through via the Kinetech GovCloud©.

Service Offerings and Pricing

Kinetech's Mendix Development & Enablement Services are tailored to the unique requirements of each client while utilizing past experiences and best practices to deliver results. Projects are executed using agile methodologies, ensuring rapid iteration and delivery of solutions that meet the highest quality and compliance standards.

Below are the three services that are currently available through the AWS marketplace.  Please note, we have other ways to transact if AWS is not your cloud of choice.  Mendix is cloud-agnostic and supports all major hyperscalers.

  1. Mendix Assessment & Roadmap Services
    You have selected or are considering building modern applications with Mendix Low-code. Mendix allows you to build web and mobile applications, automate business processes, and improve digital experiences 5-10x faster than other methods with up to 70% fewer people. Its cloud native / cloud agnostic architecture enables your organization to deploy future-proof digital applications in any public or private cloud environment.

    You have reached the point where you would like to understand in detail what it will take to build an application or portfolio of applications or have come to appreciate that excelling at digital transformation is hard. Kinetech’s outcome-based approach accelerates time to value and ensures success along your Mendix journey.

    Kinetech Assessment Services are delivered in 2-week sprints and typically take 1 - 4 sprints. Assessment pricing starts at $15,000 on a time and materials (T&M) basis. We recommend at least 1-3 days on site but it is not mandatory. Travel and accommodation is NOT included in the $15,000 price.

  2. Mendix Expert Development Services
    Our Mendix Expert Services are tailored to meet each client's unique requirements. Utilizing agile methodologies, we ensure rapid iteration and delivery of high-quality solutions that meet the highest compliance standards.

    Kinetech’s Mendix Development Services include building / co-building:
    - Designing and implementing enterprise / microservice architectures
    - Integrated or standalone:
         - Web Applications
         - Mobile Applications
         - Dashboards and Insights / event triggers
    - Systems Integration(s)
    - Cloud Hosting
    - Database Development
    - Workflow solutions
    - Application modernization 

  3. Mendix Audit & Remediation Services:
    You have come to realize that excelling at digital transformation is hard and have hit a roadblock in the form of:
    1) Application performance is not what you expected
    2) Your initial project was more complex than scoped
    3) Innovation slowed dramatically due to a lack of true DevOps / CI/CD experience
    4) Your personnel were not properly trained / enabled in Mendix
    5) You were sold the dream of ‘citizen developers’ yet the results have not followed
    6) You have designed a monolith whereby the entire application has to come offline to push the smallest updates. No matter the reason, you have concluded that your situation needs to be reviewed and potentially remediated by THE BEST Mendix experts.

Kinetech is excited to expand our offerings through the AWS Marketplace, providing unparalleled access to our Mendix Expert Certified Development and Enablement Services. By leveraging the power of Mendix and AWS, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation with confidence and efficiency. With Kinetech's proven expertise and agile methodologies, clients can achieve their goals swiftly, overcoming the common hurdles in digital innovation.

We invite organizations in the manufacturing, banking, and government sectors to explore our tailored solutions and experience the transformative impact of our services. Connect with us today to learn how Kinetech can drive your digital transformation journey forward.

For more information, visit our AWS Marketplace listing or contact us directly at

AWS Marketplace Listing


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