Kinetech Project Management

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Morgan Gill


Kinetech PM is our comprehensive, enterprise solution that enhances knowledge and worker productivity by organizing, streamlining, and visualizing all facets of project management.

Today's project managers must grapple with ever changing contracts, requirements, schedules, and vendors while maintaining excellent documentation of every step of the process. With over ten years of knowledge working side-by-side with clients to determine the most efficient processes, Kinetech PM provides an agile and scalable system capable of handling your most complex requirements from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and opportunity identification through project delivery and closeout.

With round the clock support and robust mobile features (smartphone / tablet), Kinetech PM is a comprehensive and affordable solution that will drive a high Return on Investment (ROI) for your organization.


As a cloud-based web application, experience one of the most frictionless deployments in the industry. Once live, Kinetech PM is available virtually anytime, anywhere, and on any device. As a SaaS solution, Kinetech PM is cross-functional regardless of the underlying hardware provider or web-browser.


Your workflow becomes our workflow. Rather than have your employees suffer through the complexities of learning a new system, Kinetech PM is fully configurable to your business processes. Cloud deployment means we can modify and update the application to handle new requirements or specifications. This results in less downtime, higher productivity, and more profitability for your business.


Kinetech uses industry leading web-security protocols to ensure your data is always secure. Our cloud hosting partners are periodically vetted to ensure they remain in compliance of ISAE 3402 according to the International Standard for Assurance Engagements.


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