Top 7 Reasons for Kinetech PM

For construction professionals, the process of constructing a building cannot change. It will always require the collaboration between the owner, the architect, the general contractor, and numerous sub-contractors. However, the method which information is shared, stored, and distributed is finally ready to be brought into the 21st century. Without further ado, here are the top 7 reasons construction professional choose Kinetech PM. 1. Increase the speed that decisions are made When Project Managers must print, stamp, distribute, and track documents it is no wonder why so many projects fall behind schedule. A recent McKinsey study estimates that the average knowledge worker spends approximately 28% of their time looking for known information. With Kinetech PM the entire project team has one, cloud-based collaboration space to share all project related information.

2. Improve relationships with all stakeholders Timely responses are critical to great customer service. With one cloud-based system of record, Kinetech PM allows all stakeholders to have access to up to the minute project information. In construction, schedules are everything. Through seamless web and mobile integration, robust search functionality, and logical information organization, Kinetech PM puts answers at your fingertips.

3. Streamline the pay application process Preparing pay applications, your schedule of values (continuation page), and keeping track of proposed and approved changes can be tedious. With Kinetech PM your project information is always organized for you. As one executive put it:

"The demand on PMs to balance financials, organize contracts, and organize tasks used to be tedious and time consuming. With Kinetech PM we can see the monthly revenue each project is billing and compare it against our internal forecasts."

4. Eliminate the risk of working with out-of-date information Kinetech PM eliminates the risk of working with old information by serving as the single point of record for the entire construction team. This transparency increases collaboration, saves time, and improves client satisfaction.

5. Develop processes that work for you; don't change to fit in out of the box solution With Kinetech PM, virtually every detail is customizable. As a cloud-based software, we can offer this to our clients because we can push changes to them in a matter of minutes. Don't believe us; schedule a demo and see for yourself.

As one customer put it:

"We use to have RFIs automatically generate Potential Change Orders. When we realized we wanted ASIs and pricing requests (PRs) to have the same functionality, Kinetech configured the software within 24 hours of project kickoff."

6. Increase adoption across the organization through intuitive layouts After implementing Kinetech PM at a large construction firm in Texas, executives were nervous user adoption would not meet their initial goals. After just one (1) training session, employees of the client were ecstatic at the automated and integrated features of the application.  As one employee noted:

"To create punchlists in the past we would walk around with a digital camera and a spreadsheet.  We would take hundreds of pictures and then have to reconcile them with the notes we took in the spreadsheet.  With Kinetech PM it is as simple as taking a picture with my iPhone and adding a text message before selecting save; the time savings from this alone was worth the price of the license."

7. Improve workforce satisfaction When employees have the right tools for the job, their satisfaction increases. By eliminating the mundane tasks of compiling information in Word and Excel templates and freeing employees time to think strategically about the challenges of their job, productivity increases.

Want to learn more about Kinetech PM? Schedule a demo and see for yourself.

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