Mendix in 99 Seconds

Interested in low-code, no code, or curious about Mendix? Watch this 99 second video intro to get a feel for the platform, it's key components, and how it works.

Mendix in 99 seconds will walk you through the Mendix Platform, the company's recognition as a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant (a leader recognized for the "completeness of vision," and the three key components in Studio Pro. The platform allows certified experts to develop web scale applications 10x faster than traditional development by using visual models which breakdown the barriers between business & IT (i.e. a picture is worth 1000 words).



The models decrease the Time to Value by using a common visual language the entire team can understand. The platform embeds agile processes into the development encouraging collaboration to further drive digital transformation.

The three key components of the Mendix platform are:

  1. The Cloud Portal - For collaboration, product planning (via user stories), and deployment management (backups, access, and monitoring).
  2. The App Store - to leverage pre-built widget, modules, and applications to extend and enhance the functionality of your solutions.
  3.  Studio Pro - For data modeling (the architecture of your solution / integration points), development (for microflows / business logic), and form building to construct your user experience (UX) and User interface.

Within Studio Pro, there are three key components you should know about.

  1. The Domain Model - To model your database tables, attributes, and association (relationships)
  2. The Form Builder - To construct your User Experience (UX) and application flow.
  3. Microflows - To visually model your business logic.

Like this video or interested to learn more from Mendix Experts? Visit us at www.kinetechcloud.com/mendix-partner



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