4 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Technology

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Regardless of the industry your organization operates within, software is playing an increasingly important role. The cloud migration is well underway and businesses of all size are taking notice. The four main reasons why business’ loves the cloud are better pricing, increased agility, enhanced security, and improved reliability.

Better Pricing:

For starters, most like the idea of subscriptions over licensing. In this model, the business only pays for an application as long as they use it, eliminating shelfware. Financially, it is easier to budget for the operational expense of a subscription than the capital expense of an on-premises deployment.

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Increased Agility:

Gone are the days of multi-year implementations. By leveraging the agile framework and automating deployments with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud providers can can offer dynamic solutions that evolve with the business’ needs. The deployment time for cloud applications can be weeks rather than months. As a result, clients can recognize a triple digit return on investment in 12 months or less. The time-to value is significantly shorter. This lowers the risk for both business and IT.

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Enhanced Security:

Concerns about cloud computing’s security and reliability have diminished. Security is still an issue, especially for highly regulated industries like finance and health care, but there have been few headlines regarding security breaches to make customers reconsider cloud computing’s viability. The splashiest headlines have involved companies that have failed in their own internal security efforts like Equifax and Home Depot. As a result, some customers determine that it would be safer to use a cloud provider that is ISO compliant because they would have to expend a lot of resources to do the same thing.

Download Kinetech Security Brief

Improved Reliability:

Customers are also increasingly turning to IaaS for its reliability. As more retailers, banks, airlines and other companies open up customer-facing applications to access by mobile devices, clouds help them handle the ensuing web activity that may be round-the-clock, or spike at a moment’s notice. Most organizations pale in comparison to Amazon Web Services ability to scale to demand, who better to manage your critical infrastructure than an organization that handles tens of millions of customers and billions of dollars of transactions?

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