Kinetech Named #1 IT Service Provider by Independent Analyst; Closes Q2 with 20% Growth

July 17th, 2018 – Kinetech, a business solutions firm offering agile custom software and system integration services, announced its largest quarter ever, outpacing industry averages with an impressive 20 percent year-over-year growth rate.

"Business leaders are realizing the high ROI and unparalleled value delivered via cloud applications, customized to their needs, and integrated with their existing systems," says Michael Guido, CEO and co-founder of Kinetech. "As the cloud market matures, we're helping organizations large and small turn ideas into action via integrated web and mobile applications, built on the Mendix platform, and I'm excited by the recognition we received as the number one IT Service Provider in San Antonio.”

Kinetech is a cloud-native company combining full-service business consulting, agile software development, and enterprise support under one roof. The company was founded in 2014 by former Strategy & IT consultants Michael Guido (CEO) and Ricky Volz (COO), who had grown tired of the traditional consulting services model.

As the cloud market matures, we're helping organizations large and small turn ideas into action via integrated web and mobile applications, built on the Mendix platform, and I'm excited by the recognition we received as the number one IT Service Provider in San Antonio.

“Consulting is exciting because there are always complex business or technical challenges that require innovative solutions for the client. The problems we saw were in the execution: clients spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars paying for consultants whose financial incentives are ultimately not aligned with the clients. This leads to drawn out implementations that rely on antiquated delivery methodologies, often leading to outdated solutions by the time they go live. This in turn generates a poor ROI for the client, and often dictates the need for yet more consultants to come in and fix the problems they created. We both experienced the frustration of these types of projects and knew there was a better way to solve our clients’ problems.”

According to Gartner, the demand for agile, quick-to-market, cloud-based web and mobile business applications is growing significantly faster than the capacity of internal IT organizations to deliver them.

Kinetech addresses this issue by providing business consulting, systems architecture, agile-rapid application development (RAD), deployment, and support in the cloud while working within the existing IT infrastructure of their clients. This means they are able to work with their partners to diagnose the problem, prototype and test a targeted solution within weeks instead of months or years, and iterate to build out a robust solution tailored completely to the customer’s business environment and technical maturity.

Highlights of Kinetech’s first half of 2018 include: 

  • Impressive YoY and CAGR Growth: Kinetech completed its largest quarter ever with bookings up 20% year over year and a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 94% since 2014.
  • Selected by City of San Antonio: Kinetech was selected by the City of San Antonio to build a custom solution for the Department of Humans Services (DHS) to digitize the process by which residents apply for the Utility Assistance program. Their solution will not only alleviate paper-based processes for the department but will also provide real-time application status tracking for applicants.
  • Publicly Recognized as a Leader in their Industry: Kinetech is ranked as the #1 IT Service Provider in San Antonio by independent analyst firm; coming in at #1 of 15 rated companies.
  • Achieved Status as a Platform Mendix Partner - Recognized by Mendix, the enterprise low-code platform (as rated by Gartner’s 2018 report for aPaaS), for expertise in designing, deploying, and supporting enterprise web and mobile applications in the cloud. Kinetech has the most Mendix-certified expert business engineers in the United States.

Kinetech is driving meaningful results for their clients. A recent customer review on states, “The [Mendix] platform will have a massive impact on our organization. We hope to leverage integrations with other tools and systems to improve our overall productivity by 10%. Based on early results, this target still seems realistic. I’m very happy with their [Kinetech’s] level of availability, communication, and documentation. They focus on what we need.”

For information on how to leverage Kinetech’s expertise to unlock your business potential, please contact Kinetech here.

About Kinetech: 
Kinetech is a US & UK based technology consulting firm that designs, delivers, and supports custom cloud software, turning business potential into performance & driving meaningful return on investment (ROI) for our clients. Through disciplined strategy, agile software-delivery, rapid application development (RAD), and global support - we deliver sustainable digital innovation for our clients. We believe technology has the potential to unlock value for every organization and that the best solutions augment and enhance human intelligence, rather than replace it. 
Kinetech enables organizations to: 

  • Develop new digital products & services to enhance the customer experience and improve operational inefficiencies
  • Modernize legacy applications and improve performance with stabilized enterprise infrastructure (AWS, Azure, SAP Cloud, Cloud Foundry)
  • Extend and enhance the use of legacy systems by developing new functionality on cloud architecture that can evolve with the changing needs of business

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