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Michael Guido
Why Cities Must Invest in GovTech

Is your city ready to handle the additional burden that an increased..

CivTech SA Celebration

San Antonio City Manager, Sheryl Sculley, introduced the CivTech Residency..

Bo McGuffey
Kinetech Selected for CivTech SA

Kinetech, a business solutions firm offering agile custom software and system..

Michael Guido
Five Challenges of Adopting Mendix

Embracing digital transformation for any organization can seem like a..

Ron Wolfe
Re-Imagining PEIMS Reporting

Kinetech is looking for select school districts to help solve the..

Michael Guido
4 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Technology


Regardless of the industry your organization operates within, software is..

Michael Guido
CTO - What's your strategy to capitalize on the 67% drop in software since 1997?

The US Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS) recently released the percent change in..

Michael Guido
CEO: 7 Tips for Adopting Cloud


Numerous strategy firms are offering digital transformation services, but in..

Michael Guido
CEO: How Custom Software & Bimodal IT will Differentiate your Business

Rapid Globalization continues to put pressure on businesses as the Internet..

Michael Guido
Project Manager: 3 Ways Cloud Technology Improves Project Management

Every project manager has experienced a project that is at risk of missing..

Michael Guido
CEO Brief: When Software Integrations make Sense for your Business


Business software can become complicated very quickly. Most businesses have..

Chris VanGundy
Digital Innovation in Healthcare & Insurance

In 1918, an influenza virus developed several mutations that resulted in one..

Nathan Guzikowski
A Summer at Kinetech

This summer I interned at Kinetech, a custom cloud solutions provider that..

Erin Roberts
My Love/Hate Relationship with Mendix

When I got an iPhone, I was first introduced to online applications by the..

Michael Guido
Managing Cloud Deployments in Mendix

Kinetech manages enterprise web & mobile applications for clients in the..

Michael Guido
Agile Development in Practice

As a business executive, you have or will experience an information..

Michael Guido
Excelling at Digital Transformation

Digital disruption is everywhere. From media and content, to retail and..

Michael Guido
Kinetech PM: Gantt 2.0 - Advanced Scheduling



Following our delivery road-map announcement at Connext, the Kinetech R&D..

Selecting the Right Software

Selecting the right software for your business can be a challenging,..

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